Unlike many publications on art or books, this one doesn’t merely write glib reviews, promoting a specific event or publication, but presents writing about sources of inspiration and the life of the mind. The focus is upon artists, writers, and other makers—to celebrate the role these creative individuals have in society and how they contribute to a broader and richer existence; in addition, reflecting upon the life of the mind. Because it covers a broad range of topics and persons, subjects will at times be separated into specific sections, which can be subscribed to separately.

A Reading Space - Book Reviews. May include new books on art history and theory, fiction, poetry, memoir and biography. The focus is not merely upon subject matter but the texture of the reading experience.

Shelf Life - Essays on books out of the depths of my personal library, ranging in genre and subject manner.

Monograph - Long form investigation into the career and day to day creativity of specific artists, arranged into multiple posts.

The Desk Dispatch - News and short reviews, exhibition and event recommendations, links aplenty.

Retrospection - Recollections of memorable encounters with art, from a few months to many years back.

Studio Journal - Critical recollections of my many visits in artists studios

Letters - These are mixed, early ones up through 2022 were more lengthy versions of what turned into The Desk Dispatch: detailed descriptions of ongoing topical obsessions and what I was writing next. New ones starting in 2024 will be on intellectual subjects not limited to an essay on a creative individual or event; not chronologically limited in any way.

Writing is a labor of love. But it’s also culturally necessary. Please consider a paid subscription for yourself or as a gift for others. Group options are available, as is the option to make gifts anonymous, or to set a gift to specific date in the future. Please share newsletters. Please press the like button when you can.


David Gibson

DAVID GIBSON is a freelance writer in the arts. He is available to write essays for monographs, exhibition catalogs, text for web sites, grant and residency applications, and to provide critical thinking in matters of portfolio development, studio practice, and professional etiquette. He can be contacted at davidgibsonwriting@gmail.com

Thanks to my creative collaborators. I couldn’t do it without them. My main collaborator is Michele Gibson, whose contribution as a photographer and whose considered responses to my ideas make a big difference.



On Sources of Inspiration and The Life of the Mind


A writer on art and books, publishing here on Substack since January 2021. A native New Yorker living in Manhattan, a lifelong member of the art world, happily married twelve years. I am available for commissions davidgibsonwriting@gmail.com