THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DESK presents cultural criticism through the dual lenses of contemporary Art and Literature. Here is some writing that you can look forward to receiving:

Articles on the creative output of contemporary working artist. I sometimes find out about a new exhibition they are having, but rather than write a review, I prefer to write an in-depth investigation on their esthetic and their process. In this way I feel I am communicating with their ideas rather than merely providing promotion for a commercial event. Artists do not need to be exhibiting to be featured. My past archive of essays and articles going back to the Nineties is available to paid subscribers. If you want to know a bit more about my background here is a link:

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My writing is a labor of love. But I also feel that it’s culturally necessary. I appreciate any support for my endeavors. You can subscribe or give a gift subscription. Group options are available, as is the option to make gifts anonymous, or to set a gift to specific date in the future. Please share my newsletter. Please press the like button when you can.



David Gibson


David Gibson
A frequent contributor to magazines, an independent curator of over 140 individual exhibitions, and a lecturer at universities.